Refrigerant R-32 (3kgs) / Freon R-32 (3kgs)


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Refrigerant R-32 (3kgs) / Freon R-32 (3kgs)





TESTED as per USA AHRI 700 Standards (UN3252) Specifications for Refrigerants

Quantity: 3 kgs or 6.6 lbs

-R32 is a synthetic HFC refrigerant designed for use in HVAC systems and as a replacement gas in some R410A applications.
-As a HFC, R32 has a zero ODP (ozone depleting potential) and low GWP providing a lower carbon footprint than most other HFCs.
-R32 is not suitable as a replacement for other refrigerants in existing systems and must only be used in systems specifically designed for R32.
-In general the lower the flammability of a refrigerant is, the larger its GWP. Due to its mildly flammability and higher operating pressures, equipment compatibility (eg. manifolds, gauges, recovery units) must be checked.
Bitop R32 Canister 500g
-This original Bitop Refrigerant R32 is a professional-grade product designed for use in canisters. With a 500g capacity, it offers superior cooling power and reliable performance. Perfect for commercial and industrial applications, this Freon R32 refrigerant is a trusted choice for refrigeration experts.

Non-Refillable Cylinder
Capacity: 500g

Physical Property:
Molecular formula: R134a, constitute:pentafluoroethane tetrafluoroethane/trifluoroethane
Molecular Weight: 52.02
Critical Temperature: 78.2C
Critical Pressure Mpa: 5.8
GWP: 550
ODP: 0

Quality Index:
Purity: %99.9
Moisture,PPm: 10
Acidity:,PPm: 0.1
Vapor Residue, PPM: 100
Appearance: Colorless, no turbidOdor: no strange stench

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